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Our Departments

The Commissioner General is the principle Officer responsible for the efficient supervision, administration and control of the  Namibian Correctional Service.The Namibian Correctional Service includes following departments

  1. Correctional Operations
  2. Corporate Management
  3. National Release Board

Each of these departments are headed by a Deputy Commissioner General.

The duties of the Departments are as follows:

The Department: Correctional Operations is responsible for the core functions of the Namibian Correctional Service such as;

  1. Safe custody and security,
  2. Rehabilitation and integration,
  3. Correctional Industries,
  4. Investigations and performance assurance,
  5. Health services

The Department: Corporate Management is responsible for the provision of support functions such as;

  1. Human resource management
  2. Finance and administration
  3. Information technology maintenance, development and support
  4. Training college

The Department: National Release Board is responsible for the independent and quality conditional release decision making.