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Structured Core Programmes

Our Structured Core Programmes are facilitated by appropriately trained, supervised and competent Programme Officers with a Psychology or Social work background. The selection of offenders into Structured Core programmes proceeds through a stringent assessment process that begins with a pre-programme assessment phase. It involves primarily the determination of the offender’s pattern of offending and the motivational, cognitive, emotional and behavioural factors that might interfere with successful programming.

To date the Namibian Correctional Service has been able to introduce two structured and intensive rehabilitation ‘programme curricula’, a core programme referred to as Thinking and Living Skills for Reintegration, and a programme targeting alcohol and drug abuse referred to as Managing My Substance Use. These two programmes were deliberately chosen on the basis of a careful analysis of the risk/needs of our offenders. Although these are the first two programmes we have chosen to implement, further programmes to address offender needs will be introduced in time such as a Motivational Enhancement Programme, an Anger Management Programme, a gender-responsive programme for our female offenders and a Restorative Justice programme.
Structured Core Programmes includes the following

  1. Thinking and Living Skills for Re-Integration
  2. Managing My Substance Use