To provide safe, secure and humane custody of offenders; rehabilitate and re-integrate them into community.

The Namibian Correctional Service is established by Article 121 of the Namibian Constitution which states that:

“There shall be established by Act of Parliament a Namibian Correctional Service with prescribed powers, duties and procedures.”


Political responsibility for the Namibian Correctional Service is vested in the Minister for Safety and Security.  The Namibian Correctional Service operates as an executive agency within the Ministry of Safety and Security and is headed by the Commissioner-General supported by the Senior Management Committee.  


Commissioner-General of the Namibian Correctional Service is appointed by the Head of State in terms of Article 122 of the Namibian Constitution as one of the three Service Chiefs. The Commissioner-General also is a member of the Ministerial Executive Committee which is responsible for the Ministry’s governance. 


Article 122 (2) mandates the Commissioner-General as follows:  

“The Commissioner-General of Correctional Service shall make provision for a balanced structuring of the correctional service and shall have the power to make suitable appointments to the correctional service, to cause charges indiscipline among members of the correctional service to be investigated and prosecuted and to ensure the efficient administration of the correctional service.”


Legislative Framework

  • Correctional Service Act, 2012 (Act No. 9 of 2012)
  • Namibian Correctional Service Regulations
  • Policies
  • Commissioner-General’s Directives
  • Public Service Act, 1995 (Act No. 13 of 1995)

The Namibian Correctional Service also takes due account of various international human rights treaties, declarations, standards and recommendations, including:

  • the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (Nelson Mandela Rules)
  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • the United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment;
  • the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights;
  • the United Nations Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and Non-custodial Measures for Women Offenders (Bangkok Rules)
  • the United Nations Rules for the Protection of Juveniles Deprived of their Liberty (Beijing Rules)