Managing My Substance Use

The Managing My Substance Use Programme is a holistic individualised approach to substance use, which is based on Marlatt’s Cognitive-Behavioural Relapse Prevention Model.

The programme focuses on addressing lifestyle imbalances in the work, leisure, emotional, legal, financial, relationship as well as mental and physical health spheres, amongst others. It aims to bring offenders to understand their pattern of substance use as well as the motives behind their use of substances by getting them to reflect on their past experiences. Through getting the offenders to identify situations that have influenced their use of substances in the past, the programme creates awareness about situations that are likely pose a risk for the offenders to relapse back to substance use. This serves as groundwork for the offenders to learn how to solve problems without finding the need to use substances as an escape. The programme also teaches offenders social skills necessary for them to stay on track after completing the programme.

The Managing My Substance Use Programme consists of three phases. The first phase, focusing on teaching skills for managing substance use, is delivered in a series of ten phases. Workshops are then conducted with the intention of teaching the offenders to manage their high risk situations. The third phase of the programme then is concerned with after care to assist the offenders to uphold their plans to remain substance-free.