National Release Board


"To contribute to the vision of the Namibian Correctional Service be the Africa’s leader towards the successful release on parole/probation and re-integration of offenders into society".

The National Release Board as part of the Namibian Correctional Service makes informed, independent and fair decisions regarding parole/probation releases of Offenders to contribute to the protection of the society by ensuring proper and timely re-integration of Offenders into society as law abiding citizens.

  • To assess the relevant information of offenders that qualifies for parole/probation
  • To determine the risk of re-offending
  • To conduct interviews with certain offenders and victims to obtain more information in order to make informed decisions.
  • To compile, submit and recommend offenders for approval of parole/probation through the Commissioner-General, the Hon. Minister and the His Excellency the President.
  • To approve/authorized the parole/probation of offenders sentenced to less than 5 years imprisonment.
  • To approve/authorized day parole to offenders
  • To set conditions for offenders on parole/probation.