Corporate Management

The Namibian Correctional Service as an Agency is composed in three main departments: Correctional Operation, Corporate Management and National Release Board. Although, the NCS will not be able to effectively and efficiently operate without anyone of the above, it is argued that Corporate Management is the roots and stem of NCS. As a Department, the Corporate Management in the NCS consists of two directorates working hand-in-hand: Human Resources, Finances & Administration. These directorates cannot function as individuals thus co-operated as closely as possible.

As the head of corporate management, one is faced with the main functions of ensuring that resources are well planned, managed and controlled for the attainment of the organizational goals and realize the vision of the NCS, "To be Africa's leader in the provision of correctional services" within and beyond. Similarly, in the execution of these functions, the other key task is to make sure that people as the most important resource are trained, properly staffed and developed to nurture the Organization. Corporate Management being the heart and brain of the whole Agency, it is also the role of the head to do utmost in insuring the better performance across the entire Agency. Corporate Management is striving to be one of the best service providers by delivering correctional services with integrity and commitment to excellence, in support of NCS Moto "Excellence Through Service".

My dream is to ensure that NCS provides effective and efficient financial and supply chain management. Provides effective legally sound, policy compliant and corruption free management of correctional Service and effective knowledge management through improved information management systems and information communication technology solutions & services in order to ensure information driven decision making. I want to create a culture of effective planning, evaluation and reporting for improved service delivery. The achievement of this will emanates from improved human resource capacity and management that will enable the department to fulfill its mandate.

I have a belief that I will be successful in managing NCS resources well through investing in human resource, by training and development. It is my vision, that one day, NCS realizes its strategy to allow its employees to learn new job skills and offer training opportunities for those who want to improve. My honest understanding and belief is that NCS as an Agency cannot build a good team of working professionals without good Human Resources. The Human Resource, the main purpose of all these activities is to develop and train to acquire most qualified and competitive staff members. In short, the function of HR is to determine the demand for and supply of employees that are critical to achieve strategic goals and objectives of the department.

I want to promote a strong culture that will build sound relationships within staff, colleagues and managers and able to create an environment that encourages all NCS employees to perform better and obliges managers to recognize efforts of their subordinates without fear or favour. I trust that I will achieve the best fruits if as a team we nurture good communication, honest and frankness among ourselves. My honest opinion is that through these, NCS employees will work together, share ideas and develop a sense of ownership over the jobs and the workplace.

As head of Corporate Management, I want to lead my team by example rather than simply direction. I trust I will able to achieve all through him who gives me strength.